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Adding Windows to Your Garage Door

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Windows aren’t just for your house anymore –  they’re a great way to give your garage an updated and fresh look! A lot of outdoor projects to boost your curb appeal can be expensive and time consuming, but updating your garage doors is an easy way to give your home a fresh look. Because garages take up such a large portion of your home’s front facade, making simple tweaks to them, like adding windows to your garage door, can quickly upgrade the look of your home. 

If you’ve been considering adding windows to your garage, take a look at our favorite garage door window tips below to help you make your decision!

Complements Any Style

No matter what style home you have (or what style you’re trying to achieve) there is a garage window variation for your home. For a more traditional look, you can select arched windows or four-paneled windows and install them along the top of your garage door. If you’re looking for a more modern look, consider adding longer, rectangular windows vertically on the left hand side of the garage door, or horizontally on the top panel of your garage door. 

Adding Windows to an Existing Garage Door

Most of the time you can add windows to your existing garage door, but the installation method will vary based on the type of garage door you own. For example, if your garage door has minimal insulation, you can install windows in your garage door by directly cutting into the door and installing the frames. On the other hand, if your garage door is thicker and has sturdy insulation, you should check with your garage door manufacturer and see if they sell replacement panels. 

Depending on the model of your current garage door, you might be able to order a replacement garage door panel with windows. Adding a garage door panel with windows will create the most seamless look because the windows are coming straight from the manufacturer. If you painted, stained or otherwise altered your garage door after installation however, you will have to touch up your new panel to match. 

Purchasing a New Garage Door with Windows

Although adding windows to an existing garage door is often going to be the most cost effective option, it is sometimes not the best option. If your garage door is damaged or old, cracked and fading, wanting a garage door with windows is the perfect excuse to purchase a new garage door. Of course when you decide to purchase a new garage door, you will have a wide-range of styles to choose from that can completely alter the look of your home. 

No matter if you want to add windows to your garage door, or purchase a completely new setup, our garage experts at All Points Garage Doors can assist you with all your garage-related needs. Contact us today for a consultation to determine if an update to your existing garage door or a new purchase is your best option for adding windows!

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