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Craftsman Style Garage Doors

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If you’re looking for a new garage door that will complement the style of your traditional home, consider selecting a craftsman style garage door. A craftsman style door will typically include clean lines, large windows, natural materials, and matching color schemes. They blend well with a wide range of home styles and can be found in every neighborhood, making them a great choice for homes with HOA’s. 

Below we will take a look at the most common craftsman style garage door traits and then touch on one of the most popular craftsman garage doors – carriage garage doors. 

Garage Door Windows

One of the most common features of a craftsman garage door is the addition of windows to the top panel of the door. Windows not only add natural light that you can use while in the garage, but they also add an aesthetic feature to your curb appeal that can’t be replicated. 

Clean Lines

While there are certainly quite a few garage facade choices with craftsman garage doors, they all have the same clean lines with crisp angles. Some craftsman garage doors have panels, arches, or a combination of the two. Simply select the variation that will work best with your home’s architecture. 

Cohesive Color Schemes

You won’t find loud or harsh colors on craftsman style garage doors. Instead, most craftsman garage doors use natural and earth tones. To take your door to the next level, add rustic and bold hardware. 

What is a Carriage Garage Door? 

One of the most popular types of craftsman garage doors is the carriage style garage door. Carriage garages are designed to mimic the style of barn doors from hundreds of years ago. With their use of natural wood and rustic hardware, carriage style garage doors can bring a strong statement to your curb appeal. 

While historically carriage garage doors would open horizontally from the middle, there are plenty of carriage garage doors that will open vertically as you would typically expect from a 21st-century garage. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a carriage garage door is that if you select one that uses real wood, you will need to keep up with its maintenance. Regular staining and treatments must be applied to the wood to preserve its integrity. If you like the style of carriage doors, but don’t want the maintenance, choose a carriage door variation made from steel. These garage doors look like wood, but because they’re made with metal, they’re extremely low maintenance. 

Now that you understand the features of a craftsman style garage door, is it the right garage door style for your home? No matter what garage door style is best for you, give our experts at All Points Garage Doors a call today!

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