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How to Measure a Garage Door

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If you’re looking to replace your garage door, the first thing you need to do is confirm the size of the garage door you will need to order. Below we will go into the five steps to correctly measuring your garage door so that you can get accurate quotes for its replacement. Let’s dive in!

Step One: Measure the Width

Before you measure anything else, you should start by measuring the width of your garage door. Grab your tape measure and measure from the inside of the door. Take note of any differences in length or other irregularities and measure from different points of the garage to ensure your measurements are accurate. 

Step Two: Measure the Height

Now that you’ve measured the width, it’s time to move onto measuring the height of the garage door. Once again, you’ll want to take this measurement from the inside of the garage. Vertically measure the door from its highest point to its lowest point and take note of any irregularities like an uneven floor. The more details you can provide to the garage door installer, the more accurate your installation quote will be.

Step Three: Measure the Side Room

As the name suggests, the side room is the width of the areas on each side of the garage door opening. Take accurate measurements of these spaces to the left and right sides of the garage doors and write notes of any barriers that could get in the way of installation. 

Step Four: Measure the Headroom

The headroom is the area between the top of the garage door opening and the ceiling. This distance needs to be vertically measured to help determine which garage doors you can choose from. Different garage doors require different headrooms; for example, a lot of wooden garage doors need at least a headroom of at least 18 inches. 

Step Five: Measure the Ceiling

This measurement isn’t as obvious, but you’ll actually want to measure the distance from the top of your garage door to the back wall. This ceiling measurement is known as the backroom. 

If you have multiple garage doors, it’s a good rule of thumb to measure each one individually, even if they all should be the same size. You never know what irregularities have formed over time and you want to ensure you get the most accurate quote possible. 

Now that you have your garage door measurements in hand, it’s time to call the experts at All Points for a quote! We look forward to hearing from you.

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