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Selecting a garage door is a big decision! Because garage doors cover such a vast expanse of space, they can define the style of your home or business. Whether you’re building a new house or are looking to update the curb appeal of your current property, there are plenty of garage door styles.

Although the following list may seem overwhelming, it only covers a fraction of the garage door styles available in today’s market.

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Popular Styles

As the name suggests, this door style blends with a wide range of home designs and has a reasonably standard. Traditional-style doors are typically made of steel or wood and have raised rectangles evenly spaced across the entrance. Colors, panel designs, and materials can all be customized.

The perfect fit for a modern home, contemporary garage doors have clean lines and few details. Contemporary garage doors are typically made of aluminum, glass, or steel and are available in a wide range of colors and window designs.

Although they’re not nearly as modern-looking as the contemporary garage doors we mentioned above, ranch-style doors are still considered modern by design standards. Ranch garage doors are typically found on single-story, ranch-style homes, and they can be purchased either with or without windows or exterior hardware.

Colonial-style doors have a symmetrical design and aren’t overly detailed. As the name suggests, this style dates back to the colonial era so that it can be found on thousands of homes across the country. Colonial-style doors come in variations both with and without windows and have hardware options to add to their charm.

Similar to colonial-style doors, country-style garage doors are simple and symmetrical. Unlike colonial doors, however, country-style doors are frequently made of wood or wood-like materials. Country-style doors need to complement the oversized porches and shutters that country-style homes usually have.

Carriage house style doors are a play on the traditional swing outdoors you would typically see on an older carriage house, except instead of swinging outwards, modern carriage doors open overhead. Carriage house doors can be customized with windows and exterior hardware to create the perfect blend of charm and convenience.

Probably one of the most popular garage door styles, craftsman-style doors have a vintage and natural look to them. Unfinished wood and clean lines are typical of craftsman-style garage doors, and they frequently have windows. Craftsman-style garage doors can be manufactured using wood or aluminum and can be painted, stained, or left in their natural state.

This style of door is influenced by so many different European styles, including English, French, and Spanish. One factor that’s consistent among all European-style doors is their elegant-look and practical functionality.

Tudor-style doors typically look similar to carriage house-style doors and have a vintage look to them. They’re often made of wood to complement the home’s large chimneys and stone-fronts. Although the Tudor-style originated in the 1920s, Tudor-style garage doors tend to look like they’re from the 1800s or earlier.

Residential Garage Doors

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Businesses often have special needs when it comes to garage doors. If you need commercial or industrial garage doors, you need a company you can trust.

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To maintain your garage door’s short- and long-term health, you’ll need someone to service and keep your door working properly.

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All Points Garage Doors sells, professionally installs, and services nearly every brand and style of residential garage door and operator.